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Introducing the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Shingle-type Short Pistol Pouch, the ultimate solution for carrying your pistol magazines with the lowest possible weight. This pouch is a shorter version of our popular Pistol Pouch, designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

Crafted with precision using highly durable Cordura 500 laminate with IRR treatment, the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Short Pistol Pouch combines mechanical strength and comfort during use. We have eliminated the need for a bungee, streamlining the design and reducing unnecessary weight.

The sophisticated design and high-quality materials used in this pouch ensure its reliability and durability. The single-chamber construction provides quick and easy access to your magazines, allowing you to reload swiftly during critical moments.

An essential element of the pouch is the non-slip material inside, which prevents accidental loss of magazines. You can trust that your magazines will stay securely in place, even during intense movements and engagements.

The front pouch of the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Short Pistol Pouch features two rows of laser-cut slots compatible with MOLLE/PLAS, allowing you to attach additional pouches or pockets as needed. Customize your loadout to suit your specific requirements and carry essential tools or equipment alongside your magazines.

The pocket attachment system is based on two straps, providing versatile mounting options. Attach the pouch to your vest or belt MOLLE panel with ease, ensuring a secure and stable setup that stays in place during dynamic operations.

Not limited to just pistol magazines, this versatile pouch can also be used to carry multi-tools or other small items. Adaptability is key, and the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Short Pistol Pouch delivers on that front.

Available in nine color variations, you can choose the color that matches your gear or personal preference. Stand out or blend in seamlessly with your surroundings. The choice is yours.

Compact, lightweight, and reliable, the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Shingle-type Short Pistol Pouch is the perfect solution for carrying your magazines or essential tools. Experience the advantage of an optimized design that combines the benefits of soft and rigid magazine pouches.

Gear up with Raptor Tactical and trust in our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative, and durable gear that exceeds your expectations. Upgrade your loadout and optimize your performance with the Raptor MAGNUS Ultralight Short Pistol Pouch.

Product Features:

  • a compact design combining the advantages of soft and rigid magazine pouches
  • the anti-slip material inside
  • Additional polymer stiffening in the front wall
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Compatible with Double Stack magazines and multi-tools
  • Nine Color Variations
  • Size: 3" x 1.75" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.78oz