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The Trilobyte from AdventureLights is the next generation of tactical helmet lights, built on the proven VIP Tactical signal light. Users are provided with customizable visual and near-infrared spectrums housed in a user-friendly, rugged, compact AA battery light that can withstand extreme environments. The Trilobite Gen 4 has 4 output colors: White, Green, Red, and IR. It has positive vibration feedback (MultiVibe™) for tactile switch position indication. This allows the user to see the functions in the dark with IR light, or when using on the helmet. When the helmet light is turned on, the first color is always IR to prevent detection by colored light. The housing is made of extremely robust and shatterproof polycarbonate. The Trilobite can be attached to hook and pile surfaces with the 3M hook and loop fastener attached to the bottom of the housing. Optionally, the Trilobyte can be attached with the modular Base Attachment mounting plate.
Control Functions Left: Luminosity NIR (low, medium, high), color selection in visible mode (white, green, red).
Control functions Right: Main functions (Contant light, Flash (48 BPM)), Off.
Control functions Left when polarity is changed: Record, Playback.
Control functions Right when polarity is changed: Constant light, IR detection mode* (sleep mode).
Reverse Polarity Program Switching®: Separates groups of functions, by changing the polarity of the battery.
MultiVibe™ Function: Vibrating feedback for each position (vibrates once for position 1, twice for position 2, etc.).
Mockingbird® Technology: Allows users to record and playback their Own Flashing Signature with an external light source containing a NIR wavelength, including sunlight.
AutoSync™ Synchronized Flashing Patterns: Each helmet light of the same model flashes the same signature when set in Synchronized Mode.
*IR Detection Mode: helmet light vibrates 5 times and flashes white for 5 seconds when activated by a NIR wavelength.
Battery: 1 Lithium 1.5Vdc (Type: AA).
Working temperature: -40 to +176°F with AA lithium; -4 to +176°F with alkaline
Water resistance: 100 m/ 10 atm.
Visibility: up to 5000m at maximum luminosity (Visible and Near IR).
O-ring seal.
Housing material: High Impact Polycarbonate
Dome lens: High Impact Polycarbonate (Textured)
Housing finish: Matte
Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.2 x 1.25 inch (L/W/H).
Weight: approx. 3.1 oz
Made in Canada.