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The THOR Low Profile Cummerbund is a highly functional and versatile piece of tactical gear designed to enhance the performance and comfort of a plate carrier system. Built with durability and adaptability in mind, it provides a secure and streamlined platform for carrying essential equipment and accessories during high-intensity operations.

The cummerbund is constructed using high-quality materials such as rugged laminate Cordura fabric, ensuring excellent resistance to abrasion and tear. Its low-profile design minimizes bulk and weight while maintaining a high level of functionality. The cummerbund attaches to the front and back of the plate carrier, encircling the wearer's waist, and is easily adjustable to accommodate various body sizes and preferences.

One of the notable features of the THOR Low Profile Cummerbund is its modular attachment system. It incorporates rows of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) on the exterior, and interior allowing for the attachment of pouches, holsters, and other accessories according to the user's specific needs. This modular setup enables the wearer to customize their loadout and configure the cummerbund to suit different mission requirements.

Furthermore, the THOR Low Profile Cummerbund features enhance comfort, particularly during prolonged wear or in hot and humid environments. Construcction of the cummerbund helps to manage perspiration and maintain a cooler and drier feeling against the skin, and reducing discomfort.

In terms of functionality, the cummerbund provides additional support to the plate carrier system, ensuring a snug and secure fit. It helps distribute the weight of the front and back plates evenly across the torso, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall balance. The adjustable system with cords allow for a solid personalized fit.

Overall, the THOR Low Profile Cummerbund is a reliable and adaptable component of a plate carrier system. With its durable construction, modular attachment options, and comfortable design, it serves as an essential accessory for military, law enforcement, and tactical professionals seeking a high-performance solution for carrying equipment and maintaining operational readiness in demanding situations.

Product Features:

  1. Highly functional and versatile tactical gear for enhanced performance and comfort in plate carrier systems.
  2. Constructed with rugged laminate Cordura fabric for excellent resistance to abrasion and tear, while maintaining a low-profile design.
  3. Modular attachment system with MOLLE allows for customization of loadout and easy attachment of pouches and accessories.
  4. Enhanced comfort construction, ideal for prolonged wear and hot environments.
  5. Provides additional support, weight distribution, and a snug fit to the plate carrier system, reducing fatigue and improving balance.

Cummerbund size:
MEDIUM: 32-35.5"
LARGE: 35.5-38.5"