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The RANGER KALICE MK2 Pouch by Raptor Tactical is a reliable and versatile accessory for securely storing and accessing essential gear. With its spacious storage, durable construction, versatile attachment options, quick access, secure retention, modular design, water-resistant properties, and compact lightweight profile, this pouch is an essential component for tactical professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a dependable and functional gear storage solution.

The Raptor RANGER KALICE Mk 2 pouche aka Kidney ALICE pouch is our Mk 1 but with an extra feature for all our service members who might find themselves in a more damp environment. We designed it to meet requirements for the ALICE frame packs and utilize the room behind the kidney pad. It can fit an IV bag, and variety of other items. It is made of Cordura 500D with IRR treatment. Our KALICE pouch as well as our all Utility pouches are closed with double-slide zip fastener with ITW GT Tactical Toggles, which allows the user to secure it from potential unzipping accidentally during any AIR operations. Inside of the pouch we installed pocket divider for smaller items, and loop pad for retrofit inserts. We also placed a tie down loop for securing you SI items. At the bottom of the KALICE pouch we installed a water drain hole. The Mk 2 upgrade is a pull out rain fly that is accessible via a zippered pouch that opens from the bottom, allowing the fly to pull down and over your ruck. The Raptor KALICE pouch is designed to be attached horizontally behind the kidney pad of your rucksack.

All these features you can find in our all Utility pouches like: Zipper keepers for the Airborne Operations preventing the zipper from accidental opening, Inside tie down for NVG`s or other SI (Sensitive Items).

Product Features:

  • Compact Design: The Kalice MK2 Pouch is designed to be compact, allowing for easy integration into your gear setup without adding unnecessary bulk. Its streamlined profile ensures minimal interference during movements.
  • Secure Closure: The pouch is closed using a double-slide zip fastener equipped with ITW GT Tactical Toggles. This ensures a reliable and secure closure, keeping your gear safely stored and protected.
  • Internal Tie-Down Loop: Inside the pouch, there is a tie-down loop. This loop provides an additional level of security to keep your gear in place, preventing unwanted movement or shifting during active use.
  • Loop Pad for Retrofit Inserts: The pouch features a loop pad, allowing for the attachment of retrofit inserts. This enables you to customize the pouch's internal organization, providing specific compartments or attachments tailored to your needs.
  • Pocket Divider: The Kalice MK2 Pouch includes a pocket divider, which helps to separate and organize smaller items within the pouch. This ensures easy accessibility and minimizes the risk of items getting tangled or misplaced.
  • Zipper Keepers for Airborne Operations: The pouch is equipped with zipper keepers, which are specially designed to secure the zippers during airborne operations. These keepers prevent accidental opening of the pouch and help maintain the integrity of your gear during high-impact activities.
  • Water Drain Hole: To prevent water accumulation, the pouch features a water drain hole. This allows any moisture or liquid to escape, keeping your gear dry and preventing potential damage.
  • Pull-Out Rain Fly: The pouch comes with a convenient pull-out rain fly. This additional layer of protection shields your gear from rain or other adverse weather conditions, ensuring that your items remain dry and functional.
  • Color Options: The Ranger Kalice MK2 Pouch is available in popular tactical colors, including Multicam, Coyote, Black, and Ranger Green. This allows you to choose the color that best suits your preferences or matches your existing gear setup.
  • In terms of specifications, the pouch weighs 13 ounces and has a size of 7" x 10.5" x 2.5". These dimensions provide a compact and lightweight solution for storing your essential gear without sacrificing functionality or usability.