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Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness, a versatile and high-performance gear accessory designed specifically for your four-legged companion. This harness combines functionality, durability, and comfort to meet the demands of both everyday use and professional applications.

Featuring Laser-cut MOLLE along both sides of the harness, the Raptor Tactical K9 Drago provides maximum ventilation for your dog while offering ample space for attaching accessories. The strategically placed MOLLE webbing allows you to customize the harness with pouches, patches, and other gear, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to various scenarios.

The neck and chest straps of the harness are fully adjustable, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your canine friend. This adjustable feature allows for a personalized fit, accommodating different sizes and breeds of dogs. With the Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is comfortable, supported, and ready for any adventure.

Designed with versatility in mind, this lightweight harness also offers the unique feature of mounting a camera, enabling you to capture exciting moments from your dog's perspective. Whether you're hiking, training, or simply enjoying outdoor activities, you can document your dog's adventures while still utilizing the harness for its primary purpose.

The Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness boasts several notable features. It includes a heavy-duty rear COBRA® V-ring, ensuring a reliable attachment point for leashes or other equipment. The low-profile front handle allows for easy control and maneuverability, enabling you to guide and assist your dog when necessary. Additionally, the high-strength polymer buckle with no metal springs or hinges below provides added safety and comfort, reducing the risk of potential injuries or discomfort during use.

Durability is a key focus in the design of the Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness. It is constructed using robust materials and expert craftsmanship to withstand the rigors of active dog lifestyles. Whether your dog is engaged in training exercises, search and rescue missions, or daily walks, this harness is built to last.

Product Features:

  • Laser-cut MOLLE: The Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness features laser-cut MOLLE along both sides, providing maximum ventilation and ample space for attaching accessories. Customize the harness to meet your specific needs and add functionality to your dog's gear.

  • Maximum ventilation and real estate: The laser-cut MOLLE design not only offers space for accessories but also promotes maximum airflow, keeping your dog cool and comfortable during activities.

  • Carrying handle: The harness includes a convenient carrying handle on the back, allowing you to easily lift or assist your dog when needed.

  • V-ring COBRA®: Equipped with a heavy-duty rear COBRA® V-ring, the harness provides a secure attachment point for leashes, lines, or other equipment during training or outings.

  • 3 loop sections for ID patches: The harness features three loop sections where you can attach ID patches, allowing you to display your dog's identification or other important information.

  • Camera mounting section on top: Capture exciting moments from your dog's perspective with the camera mounting section on top of the harness. Document your adventures together in a unique way.

  • Lightweight design: The Raptor Tactical K9 Drago Dog Harness is designed to be lightweight, reducing any unnecessary burden on your dog during physical activities.

  • Made in the USA: The harness is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

  • Weight: 14.15 OZ: This harness has a weight of 14.15 ounces, providing a balance between durability and comfort for your dog's wear.



Top: from the bottom of back neck to the tail.

Circumference: When you check for that, please look at the picture where the rear strap is located.

S - Top 7.125" Circumference - 16" ~ 21
M - Top 9.125" Circumference - 20" ~ 24.75"
L - Top 10" Circumference - 22" ~ 28"
XL - Top 11" Circumference - 23" ~ 30.25"
XXL - Top 12.6" Circumference - 24" ~ 33.5
XXL - Top 12.6" Circumference - 33.5 ~ 41.5"