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The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) by Raptor Tactical is a meticulously designed medical kit that provides essential emergency care for individuals operating in tactical, military, and outdoor settings. With a strong focus on functionality and durability, Raptor Tactical has crafted the IFAK to meet the demanding needs of professionals in high-stress situations.

Constructed with durable cordura material, the IFAK ensures the protection and accessibility of critical medical supplies. The kit can be intelligently organized with multiple compartments and pouches, allowing for efficient storage and quick access to essential items. This modular design enables rapid response and effective treatment during emergencies.

Raptor Detachable Medical Pouch IFAK was designed to carry all 1st aid gear. The main chamber with internal pockets and elastic bands give good equipment arrangement. Construction of "Clam Shell" allows the pouch to fully open and easy access to its contents. On the front, there is a rip-away flap that covers the glove compartment. This first aid kit pouch can be fastened to a vest, rucksack, or belt using Hook and Loop panel and is equipped with two MOLLE straps. In additional options you can choose a base mount of the pouch, either horizontal or vertical, each solution has a special slot on the back for carrying trauma shears scissors. The entire pouch is secured with a strap-ended FastTech buckle. When the kit is needed simply unclip the buckle and pull on the handle of the pouch to detach it from Hook and Loop panel. With this solution, no space is wasted in front of your armor. The kit can be pulled off from any angle.

Raptor Tactical has prioritized user convenience and customization with the IFAK. The kit's modular platform allows for personalization based on individual preferences and requirements. Additional pouches, inserts, or accessories can be seamlessly integrated, expanding the kit's capabilities without compromising its compact size.

Whether it's in combat situations, law enforcement operations, or outdoor adventures, the Raptor Tactical IFAK offers the essential storage and packing features. With its robust design, intelligent organization, and customizable features, the IFAK is a reliable and indispensable tool for those who prioritize preparedness and safety in challenging environments.

In summary, the Raptor Tactical IFAK excels in durability, organization, and versatility. Made of durable 500D Cordura, it features a rip-away design, clam shell layout, inner pockets and elastic loops, hook and pile ID panel, additional webbing, MOLLE straps, and comes in nine color variations. With its size and weight optimization, the IFAK is a reliable companion for those who require a comprehensive and accessible medical solution in demanding situations.


Product Features:


  • Durability: Constructed from durable 500D Cordura material, the IFAK is built to withstand rugged environments and intensive use, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

  • Rip Away Design: The IFAK features a rip-away hook back with a loop panel secured by a quick-release buckle. This design allows for rapid and effortless detachment of the kit in critical situations.

  • Clam Shell Design: The IFAK utilizes a clam shell design, offering easy access to the medical supplies inside. This design ensures efficient organization and quick identification of items when time is of the essence.

  • One Chamber with Inner Pockets and Elastic Loops: The IFAK's interior features a single chamber with inner pockets and elastic loops. This layout allows for secure storage and organization of medical supplies, keeping them readily accessible and preventing them from shifting during movement.

  • Hook and Pile ID Panel: The IFAK incorporates a hook and pile ID panel, providing a space for attaching identification patches or medical tags. This feature allows for easy recognition and identification of the kit in fast-paced environments.

  • Additional 2" Webbing with Pull-Tab: The kit includes additional 2" webbing with a pull-tab for quick and temporary closing. This feature enables swift closure of the IFAK during emergencies, ensuring the contents remain secure and protected.

  • Two MOLLE Straps: The IFAK is equipped with two MOLLE straps, facilitating secure attachment to compatible tactical gear, vests, or belts. This versatility allows for seamless integration with existing setups and easy customization.

  • Nine Color Variations: The IFAK is available in nine color variations, offering options to suit individual preferences and operational requirements. This range of choices ensures compatibility with different gear setups and camouflage patterns.

  • Size and Weight: The IFAK has dimensions of 8" x 6" x 2.5", providing ample storage space for essential medical supplies. Despite its generous capacity, the IFAK remains compact and lightweight, weighing just 7.69 ounces, allowing for easy carry and minimal added burden.