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The 48 oz Water Bottle Holder MK3 by Raptor Tactical is a versatile and efficient accessory designed to securely hold and provide quick access to large water bottles in various environments. Here are the key features of this water bottle holder:

  1. Secure and Convenient Water Bottle Storage: The holder is specifically designed to accommodate 48 oz water bottles, providing a secure and snug fit to prevent shifting or rattling during movement. This ensures that your water bottle remains easily accessible and readily available when hydration is crucial.

  2. Durable Construction: The Water Bottle Holder MK 3 is constructed with durability in mind. Made from high-quality materials, it offers resistance to wear, tear, and other forms of damage, allowing for reliable performance in demanding conditions.

  3. Versatile Attachment Options: The holder is MOLLE compatible, offering versatile attachment options to a wide range of gear, including backpacks, vests, belts, or other compatible platforms. This allows for convenient customization and placement based on individual preference and operational requirements.

  4. Easy Access and Retention: The holder features a user-friendly design that allows for quick and effortless access to your water bottle. It utilizes a secure retention system, such as adjustable straps or bungee cords, to keep the water bottle firmly in place during active movements.

  5. Enhanced Hydration Capability: By providing easy access to a 48 oz water bottle, the holder ensures an ample water supply during extended outdoor activities, tactical operations, or fitness training sessions. Staying properly hydrated is crucial for maintaining performance and overall well-being.

The 48 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 3 by Raptor Tactical offers a reliable and efficient solution for carrying and accessing large water bottles in various settings. With its durable construction, versatile attachment options, and global compatibility, this holder enhances your hydration capabilities and ensures that you stay hydrated during demanding activities, wherever you go.

48 oz Water Bottle holder MK3 is compatible with Nalgene brand water bottles. This cover contains a bungee chord top and locking slide mechanism to allow easy installation and removal from your water bottle without worrying about your bottle falling out. The cover sports a MOLLE-compatible strap that can be used to attach the cover to your gear or to be used independently as a handle. There is also a water-resistant liner on the inside of the holder.

In summary, the 48 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 3 by Raptor Tactical combines durability, MOLLE compatibility, a bungee cord retention system, a hand strap, a water-resistant liner, and a loop for carabiner attachment. With its limited color variations, this holder is a reliable and versatile accessory for securely carrying and accessing large water bottles in a variety of outdoor and tactical settings.

Product Features:

  • The 48 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 3 by Raptor Tactical is built with durability as a top priority, ensuring it can withstand rugged outdoor conditions. The holder is constructed using high-quality materials that are known for their strength and resilience.


    Designed to be MOLLE compatible, the water bottle holder offers versatile attachment options. It can be easily integrated into MOLLE webbing systems on backpacks, vests, belts, or other compatible gear. This allows for customizable placement and configuration based on individual preference and operational needs.


    The holder features a bungee cord retention system, which securely holds the water bottle in place while allowing for quick and easy access. This ensures that the bottle remains secure during active movements and prevents it from rattling or falling out.

    For added convenience, the holder is equipped with a hand strap, providing an alternative carrying method. This allows you to comfortably hold the water bottle without attaching it to other gear, offering greater flexibility and ease of use.


    The water-resistant liner integrated into the holder adds an extra layer of protection for your water bottle. It helps to keep the contents dry and prevents water from seeping through the fabric, ensuring your hydration source remains intact even in wet conditions.


    To further enhance its functionality, the holder includes a loop that can be used to attach a carabiner clip. This provides an additional attachment point, allowing you to secure the holder to various points on your gear or equipment.


    The 48 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 3 is available in limited color variations, including Multicam, Black, and Coyote Brown. These color options offer a combination of tactical aesthetics and practical camouflage, ensuring compatibility with different gear setups and operational environments.


Loop color may vary from stock photos depending on the textile stock